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Photographer’s Business Model Canvas

Photographer’s Business Model Canvas


Hey photographers! For whatever you’ve heard about building a successful business, it is not sheer luck or some magical fairy dust that blesses a business with success. So many photographers who are rocking their businesses say that it is about figuring out what works and what doesn’t that ultimately helped them cross over the gap. None of us knows the future (I don’t think). None of us knows what business model will absolutely be a smash hit success for us. We are all trying on different techniques and strategies.

This is where the Photographers Business Model Canvas (PBMC) comes in! If a business fails, if it fails to get traction and develop momentum, it is the business model that failed. Conversely, if a business gets traction it is because of the business model.

When we were building our photography business, we knew that we had a lot to learn about actually running a business. We’d heard about the whole business plan thing, but it just didn’t make sense to us. I mean traditional business plans felt old, stiff, and stodgy. We felt like we needed a tool to help us think strategically about how to run a business.

Thanks so much for downloading the Photographer’s Business Model Canvas. We hope that this resource helps you gain greater clarity on how you can improve your photography business. It doesn’t matter if you are a new photographer or a seasoned veteran, the PBMC has value to offer every photography business. Please share this with other photographers so that they too might benefit.